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Zemplari are an organization of Élite scientists, administrators, troopers, and many other sorts of specialists within the Justicariate. The only way to become a Zemplari is to join the special training program from childhood. The admission window is typically between 6 and 12 years old, but is sometimes extended to 3-16. There are no uniform prerequisites; rather, the decision about admission is made by Progenitor and a special committee on an individual basis.

In order to prevent damage to the young psyche during the intensive training that is part of a program, and to ensure that the highly focused and specialized personality will remain normal and healthy in all social respects, participants are kept in a highly controlled environment, isolated from possible contaminating influence from the outside. This containment typically ends at about age 9-15 (usually lasting 3-6 years), when the young Zemplari have stable enough minds to resist any negative influences.

Zemplari continue their lives intertwined with the regular society - they attend the same social events and groups as other adolescents, while attending about 4-8 hours of intensive training per day. The claim that Zemplari do not have any free time is either a misconception or outsider propaganda. It is common for Zemplari to attach an orange ponytail to the back side of their head or helmet (which is not the same as a colour-coded braid), but this isn't universal.

Upon completion of training, Zemplari gain many benefits in terms of job, and rightly so: they are responsible for some of the more impressive advancements in technology and organisation of the Justicariate. For rules purposes, Zemplari enjoy Social Regard (Respected) within the Justicariate, and either Respected or Feared (depending on presentation and relationships) outside it.

Zemplari Troopers[]

A special subsection of the Zemplari is the Troopers. These people are the Justicariate's Élite and only force responsible for both military action and armed law enforcement. Zemplari Troops are given a large range of biomodifications that are useful in combat and reconnaissance, as well as the best equipment available.

The blurry line between army and a SWAT-equivalent works both ways: among the armies and mercenaries of the world, Zemplari are the ones most willing to take prisoners, and most likely to employ non-lethal weaponry even when facing an army of riflemen and mechs. This is no foolish idealism, and they will switch to lethal force if a soft approach proves too risky. However, it seems that the reputation for mercy has proved an asset: many mercenary guilds became reluctant to participate in a war of no quarter against the Justicariate, and a break of morale is more likely to result in a clean surrender. In fact, the Zemplari anthem (which is actually an electronic melody with no words at all) has been customarily played as an offer to surrender or retreat.

However, as of the last decade, it seems that no wars threaten the Justicariate any more. Still, pessimists will be pessimistic.

Mass Combat Stats[]

Zemplari Troops count as having the following modifiers for purposes of GURPS Mass Combat:

 Super-Soldier - cost +200%/+200%, TS ×2 (multiplicatively cumulative with percentile additions).
 Very Fine Equipment - cost +200%/+150%, TS +150%
 Élite Fanatics - cost +100%/+40%, TS +100%.
Net modifiers: +500%/+240%, (TS×2)×3.5, or net TS multiplier ×7.