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The Wejít Mercantile states are those where the guilds and independent capitalists took over the government. Guildmasters wield out of proportion more power than the rest of the population, and jobs are regulated heavily by strict private licensing policies. Mores are somewhat conservative.


Numbers use an octal system (base-8). Writing is left-to-right. The most common language is Maktó; less widespread languages include Xixtalál, Géshkir.

Typical government[]

The government is mostly represented by an oligarchy of guildmasters, and is slow to change. Becoming a guildmaster is mostly a matter of being a successful businessperson. Everybody else has very little say in policy-making.

Law & Order[]

The legal system is usually Common Law. Courts typically include a Committee (Jury). Verdicts are called 'guilty' and 'not guilty'. A person may not represent oneself in court - hiring a licensed attourney is mandatory.

Copyrights, licenses and trademarks are strictly enforced. Gun ownership is somewhat more liberal. Assault is a serious crime, but an unarmed, 'reciprocal' bar fight (or the like) is not considered an assault (it is a minor administrative misdemeanor). On the other hand, sexual assault or harassment is punished severely. Censorship exists, especially in the area of erotic material. Libel law is harsh, and often disregards whether a statement is true or not, as long as it negatively affects the public image. The Castle Doctrine is held strong, to the point that killing a trespasser is almost never considered murder. Age of consent varies between 20-24 (human equivalent: 17-21). Alcohol and smoking are legal, but most recreational drugs are not. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is illegal. Abortion is legal until rather late terms. Euthanasia is legal. A person may waive most protections and rights by signing appropriate forms and/or contracts.


Large income gap between the richest and the poorest - 'the winner takes it all'. Small business is harder to start than to maintain. Banking loans typically have fixed interest rates that do not depend on the financial success of the borrower. There is no minimum wage limit. Education and medicine are almost never free. Retirement pay is a matter of voluntarily setting up or joining a retirement fund.


Families are nuclear, monogamous, typically with 1-3 children. Neighbours are usually acquaintances, not friends. Strong language is discouraged in the presence of females and children. Flaunting material wealth is acceptable, almost encouraged, but explicitly telling one's salary is considered extremely improper. Public display of affection is considered improper, more so among older people (below-age-of-consent couples can get away with a passionate kiss; adults get disapproved looks even for a hug outside their residence). Matters of romance and sexuality are not mentioned explicitly; if there is a need, allusions and euphemisms are used.


  • It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, I care not for it.
  • My home is my castle.
  • A freedom that offends the society, is not [a freedom].