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Wejít Gésh states are those where the Gésh religion has taken roots, influencing mores and sometimes even laws. Otherwise, these states look as something midway between Syndicate and Democratic states.


Numbers are octal (8-based). Writing is left-to-right. Most states are bilingual, employing both Maktó and Géshkir.

Typical Government[]

Government is almost always parliamentary, but there is a strong correlation between political parties and economical guilds.

Law & Order[]

The legal system is mixed Civil and Common Law. Courts typically include a Committee (Jury). Verdicts are called 'guilty', 'not guilty' (i.e. action was performed, but is not criminal due to circumstances) and 'not proven'. A person may represent oneself in court, but in many jurisdictions there are passable attorneys ready to work for a nominal fee (due to being subsidised by the local guilds).

Work contracts are enforced very strictly. Trademarks are strictly enforced, licenses reasonably so. Copyright and patents are treated seriously, but have expiration dates ranging between years and decades. Gun ownership is somewhat restricted, but not prohibited. Assault and even harassment are serious crimes. Censorship is mostly limited to the area of offensive statements (racist, intolerant etc.) and erotic material. Libel law is harsh but fair. The Castle Doctrine is held to a reasonable extent. Age of consent varies between 18-21 (human equivalent: 16-18). Alcohol is restricted, smoking is legal, most mind-affecting recreational drugs are illegal or very restricted. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is illegal. Abortion is very restricted. Euthanasia is illegal. In conflicts between parental rights and child rights, there is a delicate balance, tipping slightly in favour of the parents. Divorces are complicated, requiring a court ruling. Homosexuality (both male and female) prevents a person from being permitted to work in many professions.


Moderate income gap between the richest and the poorest. All sorts of business is doing okay. Banking loans work more like joint investments: the bank typically takes a certain percentage of a new business' income until the loan is repaid. There is a minimum wage limit, uniform throughout a profession within a jurisdiction. Medicine and education exist both in the government-sponsored (free) and premium (private, paid) forms. Retirement pay comes from taxes.


Families are nuclear, monogamous, typically with 1-3 children. Neighbours are usually friends... sometimes overbearingly so. Strong language is discouraged. Flaunting material wealth is discouraged. Public display of affection is considered acceptable among stable couples and families, within limits, but not otherwise. Romance is discussed openly, but sexuality only privately.


Funerals usually involve burying the dead.