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Wejít Democratic states are just that - states where representative (or, for really small city-states, direct) democracy prevailed. Guilds still exist, but they are subordinate to the state, not the other way around.


Numbers are octal (8-based). Writing is left-to-right. The most common language is Maktó, quickly followed by Xixtalál in the South; Géshkir is spoken by a significant minority for religious purposes.

Typical Government[]

Government typically consists of a parliament and commonly a president or other elected central figure. In very small city-states, everyone can join the parliament with minimal requirements (without needing to be voted in), and/or referenda are held for any major decisions.

Law & Order[]

The legal system is mostly Civil Law. Courts typically include a Committee (Jury) or a Judge, plus the Prosecution and the Defence Attorney. Verdicts are called 'guilty' and 'not proven'. A person may represent oneself in court, but in many jurisdictions there are passable attorneys ready to work for a nominal fee (due to being subsidised by taxes). Trademarks are strictly enforced, licenses reasonably so. Copyright and patents are treated seriously, but have expiration dates ranging between years and decades. Gun ownership is somewhat restricted, but not prohibited (in some jurisdictions, even regular cops walk without guns!). Assault and even harassment are serious crimes. Censorship is mostly limited to the area of offensive statements (racist, intolerant etc.). Libel law is harsh but fair. The Castle Doctrine is held to a reasonable extent. Age of consent varies between 14-16 (human equivalent: 12-14). Alcohol and smoking are legal, but most recreational drugs are restricted. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is variably restricted or legal. Abortion is legal, but slightly restricted. Euthanasia is legal, but requires prior counselling. In conflicts between parental rights and child rights, the latter come slightly ahead.


Moderate income gap between the richest and the poorest. All sorts of business are doing well. Banking loans work more like joint investments: the bank typically takes a certain percentage of a new business' income until the loan is repaid. There is a minimum wage limit, uniform throughout a jurisdiction. Medicine and education are commonly free, but higher-quality paid versions are available. Retirement pay depends on years spent working within a jurisdiction.


Families are nuclear, usually monogamous, typically with 1-3 children. Neighbours are can be either acquaintances or friends. Strong language is seen as rude, but that's about it. Flaunting material wealth is acceptable, but slightly disapproved. Public display of affection is considered acceptable, within limits. Matters of romance and sexuality are discussed when appropriate, but details are typically kept private; allusions and euphemism are usually only reserved for flirting or for non-serious chats.


Funerals commonly involve burials; cremations are more rare, and are usually followed by burying the ashes.


  • Need is the first excuse for tyranny.
  • A government has no business in its people's bedroom.
  • Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.