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Wejít are the most bland of the races of Æthereal Sun. Their hair colours range from black to blond; red is possible but very rare; silver, ash or grey (even at young age) are reasonably common. Their eyes can be brown, green or blue, or of a shade in-between. Wejít have medium to light skin, and are slow to tan. The average height of a male Wejít is around 5'9" / 175cm, while that of a female is around 5'3" / 160cm.

The race originates from part of the world of the same name (consisting of Northern Wejít and Southern Wejít).


Wejít [-1]:
  Wejít mentality [-1]

Template notes[]

Wejít Mentality: while this isn't an all-encompassing personality trait, Wejít seem to have a very slight natural (inborn) predisposition towards a positive outlook on life and people, a constructive approach to negotiations, belief in a just world and in other people's good-faith attempts to achieve the best possible outcome etc. This does not make them naïve, though the Nariyása sometimes claim they are.



Cloudheads, Mountaineers or Snowmen (particularly in reference to southerners), Woodfolk (in reference to northeners), Tribals, The Beige People, Blondies, Ingenues, Bootstrappers (in reference to the Wejít continents being somewhat more economically well-off on average, and attributing it to their own merit).