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Vel is the fifth major celestial object around Lumenoferos. It is uninhabitable without cutting-edge technological aids, having an atmosphere of primarily nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and an average temperature way below freezing, but it has a fair share of mining outposts for both alchemical and mundane resources. The name Vel is of Tebríthan origin.

The planet does have bodies of water near the more active chains of equatorial volcanoes, but they are being gradually lost on a geological timescale as the water vapours circulate to colder regions and are permanently captured there through condensation and freezing.

Planetary Parameters[]

mean distance     1.6 au
perihelion        1.5 au
aphelion          1.8 au
axial tilt        20°
annual period     768 Etéran days, 3072 local days.
local day         6.01 hours
mass              0.71 (4.24e24 kg)
diameter          0.94 (1.19e7 m)
density		  0.85 (4.7 g/cm³)
surface gravity   0.8 (7.8 m/s²)
escape velocity   9.7 km/s

vulcanism         heavy
tectonics         heavy
climate           frozen
average           -46°C (227 K)
periphelion       -35°C (238 K)
aphelion          -56°C (217 K)
illumination      0.29
hydrographics     20% (water)
tidal range       0.12m
composition       N2, CO2
pressure          120 kPa