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Thunderwell, or more elaborately Well of Thunders, is the eighth major celestial object orbiting Lumenoferos, and also its first gas giant. As far as gas giants go, Thunderwell is relatively small, and modest in terms of gravity. As a result, it serves as a relatively accessible source of hydrogen, helium and some other volatiles beyond the snow line.

The name comes from the epithet dating back to a time when study of gas giant weather patterns was very popular, and the popular science image of this planet was considered to be stormier than the others gas giants' (whether that is actually true depends on criteria chosen for judging).

Planetary parameters[]

mean distance     4.5 au
axial tilt        
annual period     3,486 Etéran days (13 Etéran years)
local day

temperature	  -163°C (110 K)
illumination      0.038

mass:             10 (5.97e25 kg)
diameter          2.87 (36,570 km)
density		  0.42 (2.316 g/cm³)
surface gravity   1.2 (11.8 m/s²)
escape velocity   20.87 km/s