Æthereal Sun Wiki

Lumenoferos, the star also known as the Lightbearer or Æthereal Sun, is orbited by a multitude of planets and other objects. The whole system is usually called as the Luminiferous System or, more poetically, Ætheria.

While astronomical terminology varies between regions and cultures, there are some conventions that are more commonly agreed upon than others: Etérans prefer to count major celestial objects, which can include not just planets, but also collective assemblies of minor objects - the two asteroid belts and the Cometary Ring are counted as major celestial objects. Since on one hand, it's absurd to say that the central star isn't important enough to qualify for being a major celestial object, but on the other hand certain traditions talk about major celestial objects orbiting Lumenoferos, it has become agreed to just assign Lumenoferos the number 0, eliminating the potential for ambiguity of enumeration.

   #     Name                    Semi-Major Axis (au)
   0.    Lumenoferos             0
         (Inner limit)           0.1
   1.    Ígnus                   0.25
   2.    Inner Asteroid Belt     0.45
   3.    Etéra                   0.81
   4.    Tebríth                 1.1
   5.    Vel                     1.6
   6.    Úmbra                   2.2
   7.    Cometary Ring           3.2
         (Snow line)             4.3
   8.    Thunderwell             4.5
   9.    ??                      6.4
   10.   Shroudfall              12
   11.   Outer Asteroid Belt     20
   12.   ??                      28
   13.   Abyss                   39
         (Outer limit)           40