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Shroudfall is the tenth major celestial object orbiting Lumenoferos, and the second gas giant of the system. It's medium sized, has a visible double ring. Its higher gravity compared to Thunderwell makes it much less worthwhile for gas harvesting, but has made it a major attraction for (primarily Khænish) extreme aeronautics enthusiasts.

The modern name is a translation of the shorthand reference to a Khænish poetic sentence "Endless fall through an infinity of shrouds" (i.e. cloud layers) - a description of what the experience of a pilot diving into the planet's atmosphere is like.

mean distance     12au
axial tilt        
annual period     14,739 Etéran days (55 Etéran years)
local day

temperature	  -145°C (128 K) near cloudtops, hotter in deeper layers
illumination      0.0053

mass:             250 (1.5e27 kg)
diameter          10.43 (133,000 km)
density		  0.22 (1.21 g/cm³)
surface gravity   2.29 (22.46 m/s²)
escape velocity   54.73 km/s