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Normally, Sírkin individuals are visually similar to the race of their non-Sírkin parent - either Wejít or Nariyása. 'Pure' Sírkin (grown in Justicarian exo-wombs) have albino appearance, though their skin is not quite devoid of pigmentation (it's still lighter than any other race). Sírkin facial features are typically described as 'trustworthy' by many people.

Purebreed Sírkin are usually short - about 5'3" / 160cm for either sex, - while hybrids tend to average the same heights as are typical for the non-Sírkin counterpart of the appropriate sex.

It should be noted that Sikrin do not have any cultures of their own, since they exist only where there are Wejít or Nariyása.


Sírkin [15 + Lens ]:
  Absolute Timing [2]
  Appearance (Attractive) [4]
  Honest Face [1]
  Intuitive Mathematician [5]
  Sanitized Metabolism [1]
  Resistant (Reproductive Illness) +8 [2]

Lenses (pick one)[]

Nariyása Hybrid Lens [+4]:
  Nictitating Membrane 1 [1]
  Reduced Consumption 1 [2]
  Passing Appearance [1]
Wejít Hybrid Lens [+1]:
  Passing Appearance [1]
Pure Lens [0]:
  Distinctive Appearance (Albino) [-1]
  Passing Appearance (Respectable Justicarian OR not obviously Sírkin) [1]

Template & Lens Notes[]

Sírkin minds are better wired for thinking in exact terms - they don't really need to rely on clocks and mnemocrystals for most routine activities (a live Sírkin is no substitute for highly specialized software, though!). Sírkin metabolism is cleaner than that of other races, though this isn't always obvious.

Picking one of the three available lenses is mandatory - the Pure Lens represents non-hybrid Sírkin, which are only possible by artificial means, available only within the Justicariate. Otherwise, all Sírkin are hybrids (either with Nariyása or Wejít).

While in earlier ages Sírkin were universally respected, the discovery of genetics (and the Sírkin reproductive strategy) lessened this sentiment. There's even a growing suspicion against Sírkin, though, interestingly, not all Sírkin are treated equally. For this reason, any individual Sírkin (except those who never step outside the Justicariate) may replace Passing Appearance with Minority Group to represent being a common target of prejudice.

Where precise Complexity is important, the race's Intuitive Mathematician is considered equivalent to a Complexity 2 Mnemocrystal with the Cryptophillic option, but otherwise normally substitutes math-oriented enabling software (such as CAD/CAM or decryption). It doesn't provide any additional storage capacity (unless you take Eidetic Memory or Photographic Memory), and cannot provide more than a +4 bonus for tasks which get a bonus from having a computer/mnemocrystal.


Numberphiles, Cuckoos, Changelings, Chimerae, The Apolitical People.

Specific to Purebreed Sírkin: White Moles; Alabasters, Bleaches, Labcoats, Labrats.