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Pourt is the largest aerospace centre of the world, situated on a rocky, barren Khæn Island of the same name. The decision to build a central trade hub was made due to the soaring trade between the Khæn and the Continentals, and it quickly proved profitable.

Despite what Maktó speakers think the island name means, there are zero naval facilities on it - there are no coasts to speak of, but rather extremely steep cliffs.


Pourt numbers some 10 million constant citizens, but doesn't bother much with a census. Khæn are a supermajority, and foreigners are mostly restricted to the aerospace centre zone. The Khæn language is known by all regular residents, but almost everyone knows Maktó and Vilrán, and many are proficient in other languages. Likewise with cultures - the local Khæn are very likely to be familiar with several Continental cultures.

The cultural trend is somewhat less pronounced outside the aerospace centre itself, but the usual Khænish habit of studying foreign culture and language instead of promoting one's own still holds.


Like much of Khæn islands, Pourt's government doesn't govern too much, but it sure does administer a lot. In contrast to the traditional and decentralised nature of Khæn settlements, Pourt was designed top-down, and most of the island is actually the infrastructure required to keeping the aerospace centre functioning as at full power.


The money flows of the island are an accounting mess - on one hand, there is a huge influx due to the transport services performed by residents for foreigners; on the other, given the mobility of residents, a lot of their money is spent outside the island. And then there's the markets and exchanges between the aerospace centre, the craftsmen making the parts and the vehicles, the shops importing stuff and then immediately selling it to the aerospace people . . . Luckily, all Khæn respectfully contribute 20% of their incomes to the welfare of the race as a whole, so there's no need for official taxation. Well, there is a bit with foreigners, but the locals (including the government) don't care - profits are good either way, and trying to tighten the grip might upset the moneyspenders.

Military Strength[]

Pourt's military capability is unclear, but it definitely includes a large number of air- and spacecraft 'militia', and relatively few infantrymen (by Khæn standards, anyway). However, be rest assured that if anyone ever threatens Pourt, the rest of the islands will be at least twice as fast to scramble all of their forces to defend it.