On Etera, ornithopters were developed before modern fixed-wing aircraft, by none other than Khæn. While by now the technology has spread to the continents, the Khæn are still the best as both constructors and pilots of this vehicle type.

Notably, TL6+3 ornithopters made on the Continents suffer a speed limit of about 220 m/s (500mph) due to the wing encountering higher and higher resistance as the wing's maximum forward velocity (which must exceed craft velocity during the forward swing phase) approaches the sound barrier. The Khæn, on the other hand, managed a TL6+4^ construction of wings that can exceed the sound barrier, and this resulted in ornithopters that can easily (but still gradually) achieve speeds of 580-1250m/s (1,300-2,800mph, or mach 1.7 - 3.6). Either version of an ornithopter has an acceleration ranging from 0.25 to 1.50G, depending on the power of wing systems. Ornithopters with less than 1G of acceleration have a non-zero stall speed, and cannot launch directly vertically (those with exactly 1G can hover in place, but need horizontal velocity to gain altitude). However, when moving horizontally, ornithopters gain altitude easily, and can launch from a short running start. Those with more powerful leg motors can actually launch from a jump without a need for a running start.

Khæn also produce and pilot 'Dragonflies' - light personal ornithopters that are worn as a backpack, and can be quickly folded into said backpack. Again, cheap knockoffs exist, but they lack the quick collapsibility of the real thing. It should be noted that neither version of the dragonfly achieves supersonic speeds - they barely achieve an acceleration of 0.5G and a speed of 35 metres per second, and need to be launched from a cliff or equivalent, as their stall speed exceeds human running speed. Either Dragonfly has a cost about 6000, but the Khæn are unlikely to sell their version to just anyone.

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