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Nariyása Syndicate states formed after the fall of the imperial rule, as well as in places where the Clans were losing power. At first it might seem as if it is the most Wejít-like society type, but the level of similarity is overrated. Nariyása Syndicates are not as ancient as the traditional guilds of Wejít - they are newly groups, formed in response to the need for self-protection and stability.


Both the duodecimal (12-based) and octal (8-based) numbering systems are in use. Likewise, both horizontal writing methods are used (for almost all alphabets). Vilrán is the most common language; less widespread languages include Vilkrészt and Maktó.

Typical Government[]

Usually the influence of guilds on policy-making directly correspond to their importance to the economy and quality of life of the local population. Leaders are mostly seen as 'first among equals'. Committees in leading positions are somewhat more common than in Mercantile states, but much less common than in the Justicariate.

Law & Order[]

The legal system is mostly Civil Law, but many articles date back to the Common Law era. Courts typically include a Jury. Verdicts are called 'guilty' and 'not guilty'. A person may represent oneself in court, but in many jurisdictions there are passable attorneys ready to work for a fee (how much the fees are varies between locations). Trademark and license enforcement is lax. Copyright and patents are treated slightly more seriously, but have expiration dates ranging between years and decades. Gun ownership is somewhat restricted, but not prohibited. Assault is a serious crime, harassment a moderate one. Censorship is almost unheard of. Libel law weak. The Castle Doctrine is held to a reasonable extent. Age of consent varies between 16-18 (human equivalent: 14-16). Alcohol and smoking are legal, but most recreational drugs are not. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is restricted. Abortion is legal. In conflicts between parental rights and child rights, the law tries to balance the former and the latter.


Moderate income gap between the richest and the poorest. All sorts of businesses are doing okay - some better, some worse. Banks offer both loans and joint investments with equal frequency. There is a minimum wage limit set on a per-guild basis, but it is notoriously below the minimum subsistence cost. Free medicine and education exist (funded by multi-guild insurance fees), but both are generally worse than paid versions. Retirement pay depends on the contract with the guild, but is usually provided.


Families are nuclear, typically with 1-3 children, officially monogamous (but de facto non-official family members are reasonably common). Neighbours can be either acquaintances or friends, but etiquette demands they behave as if the latter. Strong language is discouraged in the presence of females and children, but many don't give a damn about the discouragement. Flaunting material wealth is acceptable, but there is no encouragement. Public display of affection is considered acceptable, within limits. Romance can be discussed privately; sexuality is discussed openly in one-on-one situations, but not in public; allusions and euphemism are usually only reserved for flirting or for non-serious chats.


  • Life is a minefield, with enemies all around; be self-reliant, for there might be no allies.
  • Good life's good, but one's got what one's got.
  • Learn to love earning your happy ending.