The various Republic States Nariyása are those where through reform or revolution, democracy prevailed. However, these democracies are younger and less polished than their Wejít counterparts. Most notably, the civil rights are somewhat less protected, and corruption is higher. Despite somewhat lower average quality of life compared more successful states, the life goes on in the Republics.


Numbers are duodecimal (12-based). Right-to-left (with the most common language - Vilrán), but the left-to-right writing of Wejít-originating languages is preserved.

Typical Government

Government typically consists of a parliament and commonly a president or other elected central figure. Typically only the richer people can afford a political campaign.

Law & Order

The legal system is mostly Civil Law, albeit with an addition of some traditional 'non-obvious interpretations' and inconsistencies. Courts typically include a Judge, plus the Prosecution and the Defence Attorney. Verdicts are called 'guilty' and 'not proven'. A person may represent oneself in court; hired attorneys are available, but not always affordable. Trademarks are enforced rather liberally, licenses slightly more strictly. Copyright and patents are treated seriously, but fakes and illegal copies are not hard to find. Gun ownership is restricted, but still allowed in rural areas and on hunting trips; cops are always armed. Assault is a moderately serious crime. Censorship exists only in schools and on children's playgrounds. Libel law is mild and somewhat unpredictable. Age of consent varies between 16-18 (human equivalent: 14-16). Alcohol and smoking are legal, but most recreational drugs are not. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is legal or not depending on precise jurisdiction, but happens anyway. Abortion is legal. Euthanasia is illegal. In conflicts between parental rights and child rights, the former come slightly ahead.


High income gap between the richest and the poorest. All sorts of business are doing okay, though bigger ones are better off. Banking loans typically have fixed interest rates. There is a minimum wage limit, uniform throughout a jurisdiction, but it is rather low. Medicine and education are nominally free, but higher-quality paid versions are available and recommended. Retirement pay depends on years spent working within a jurisdiction, but isn't impressive.


Families are nuclear, monogamous, typically with 1-3 children. Neighbours can be either acquaintances or friends, but strive to appear as the latter. Strong language is common. Flaunting material wealth is acceptable, but not always safe. Public display of affection is disapproved, but happens anyway. Matters of romance and sexuality are discussed when appropriate, but details are typically kept private; allusions and euphemisms are optional but common.


Cremations are the most common form of burial.


  • It's not like people are different in other places.
  • A smiling vendor is an idiot.
  • A corrupt politician is a regular person who succeeded in life.
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