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The Nariyása Gésh Cultures are a group of states where, surprisingly, the Gésh religion took hold much stronger than in the Wejít states.


Numbers use both the duodecimal (base-12) and the octal (base-8) system. Writing is left-to-right. Uskír is the typical official language, with Géshkir as an optional secondary.

Typical Governments[]

The governments are strange self-selecting oligarchies that (surprisingly) create a separation between power and money. Only people working at certain state establishments are eligible to become candidates into the parliament (and other positions of power) - university leaders, priests, military and legal enforcement officers etc. The people do get to vote who of the candidates gets the power, but a self-selecting pool of candidates still results in a conservative parliament, slow to change, and supporting the majority views (even though the minority views accounts for as much as 40% of the population).

Law & Order[]

The legal system is a somewhat modified Civil Law. The court includes a Judge or a Jury, a Prosecutor and a Defence Attorney. Verdicts are 'guilty' and 'not guilty'.

Trademarks, copyrights and patents are taken moderately seriously. Gun ownership is seriously restricted, but penalties are usually limited to fines. Assault is a serious crime. Censorship is alive and well. The Castle Doctrine is moderate. Age of consent varies between 18-21 (human equivalent: 16-18). Divorces are complicated affairs, requiring a court ruling to be permitted. Alcohol and mind-affecting recreational drugs are illegal; smoking is legal. Chewing gum is legal. Prostitution is illegal. Abortion is illegal. Euthanasia is illegal. Homosexuality is a criminal offence (and is defined in such a way that it only covers males). Passionate display of affection in public places is an administrative offence. In conflicts between parental rights and child rights, the former are given strong preference.


Moderate to large income gap between the best and the worst. There are businesses of all sizes - both legal and illegal. The local equivalent of Mafia is alive and well, and is typically referred to as Humble or Modest Providers. Education and medicine have a free government-sponsored version and a more expensive private version. Retirement pay is okay, but not impressive.


Families are monogamous, with 1-3 children on average, though remnants of extended families (Clans)exist. Neighbours can be either friends or acquaintances. Strong language is discouraged in the presence of females and children, and is considered a grave insult among Modest Providers (but swearing clients are tolerated as long as they don't go overboard). Flaunting material wealth is acceptable, but may be grounds for suspicion if one does not have a legal source of large income.

Public display of affection is taboo, and is even an administrative offence in many areas. Matters of romance are discussed openly; sexuality is only discussed privately, or in the area dominated by Modest Providers.


  • Alcohol has drowned more good sailors than the deep blue ocean.
  • While the government tries to vocally satisfy the wants of the majority, the large minority is humbly working to satisfy its own wants in spite of the government.