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The Justicariate is a city-state with one of the most peculiar cultures on Etera.


Numbers use an hexadecimal system (base-16). Writing is left-to-right-to-left-to-right (moving downward), or top-down, whichever is convenient. Gamma Language is the official language of the Justicariate, and Beta Language is known by some enthusiats. It is a cultural norm to study at least one outside language - usually Vilrán, Maktó, or Khæn.


The government is represented by the Progenitor, a borderline-sapient computer tasked with maintaining the well-being of the city. However, the Progenitor can not act on its own - it requires a cooperation with a team of highly-qualified fully-sapient entities dedicated to the same job. Advancement in the pyramid of administration is based on individual merit - talent, skill and focus.

Law & Order[]

The legal system is somewhat modified Civil Law. Although the court includes the Judge, the Experts, the Prosecutor and the Defence, the role of the latter two is comparatively small. On the other hand, the Justicariate's legal system places great importance upon material evidence, and thus the role of Experts is significant. Verdicts are called 'acquittal', 'requires compensation' (i.e. a fine) and 'requires rehabilitation' (i.e. the accused will be detained and/or undergo therapy to prevent further breach of law).

There is no appreciable penalty for copyright/patent breach - the state is infosocialistic. Trademarks, on the other hand, are taken seriously. Gun ownership is restricted. Assault is a serious crime. Freedom of press/expression/information is strong; there is no censorship. Privacy of information is weak - ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance is the norm, and records will be used in court without a need for a warrant. The Castle Doctrine is moderate. There is no age of consent, but rather an exam signifying a sane adolescent mind - most pass around age 14 (human equivalent: 12), but in practice this is commonly irrelevant until a few years later. Alcohol, recreational drugs and smoking are restricted: inhaled drugs may only be used in a sealed room (ventilated separately), and any drugs that may cause aggression or equivalent require depositing a collateral for potential damages. Chewing gum is legal, but littering in the street is punished severely. Prostitution is legal, but requires regular medical checks.


Very small income gap between the best and the worst. There isn't much in the way of 'business' - people generally just have jobs paid by the state. Education and medicine are mostly free, but one's job options depend on education more heavily than elsewhere. Retirement pay is quite good. Science, art and R&D are funded by the state, but the resulting breakthroughs are free to use within the Justicariate (it is still not legal to grab any random piece of info and resell it outside).


Families are a rare phenomenon, and are rather varied in terms of the choice of partners and children (but within the limits of child-upbringing licensing). Neighbours can be either friends or acquaintances. Strong language is discouraged, but one can get away with using it sometimes. Flaunting material wealth seen as a waste or foolishness, but it is considered totally OK to use expensive-but-actually-useful equipment in public. Public display of affection is considered acceptable, but people try not to overdo it to the point of distracting pedestrians etc. Matters of romance and sexuality are considered acceptable topics for public discussion, as long as all parties affected are okay with it (this means no talking about one's partner behind his/her back). People wear a colour-coded braid of synthetic hair (or dye their own) to signify their sexual/romantic preferences, and the society at large is very tolerant of any deviations; acting counter to one's worn braid is considered extremely rude and dishonest.


Given that modern Justicariate culture is mostly artificial, there's not much in the way of tradition to speak of. Still, there are some non-essential features that Justicarians tend to take with them even when going abroad. The more notable of them is a preferance towards white colours in clothing, and an above-average concerns with cleanliness.


  • Big brother is watching us closely, but knows well that he is being watched by us even closer.
  • If you had to choose between a world with love but no justice, and one with justice but no love, which one would you pick?
  • Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear.