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The Justicariate is a huge underground city-state, known for its advanced biotechnologies, a highly unorthodox society, and the world's largest, semi-sapient computer, located in Eastern Nariyása.


Justicariate City's population as of the time of writing is slightly over 25 million. Of them, 55% are Nariyása, 35% are Sirkin; the remaining 10% comprises of Wejít and other immigrants or immigrant-candidates. The external outposts, exclaves and minor cities that joined the Justicariate's jurisdiction number another 20 million, but they are spread wide around the region. The official language of the Justicariate is Gamma Language, but most of its citizens are proficient in Vilrán, Khæn, or another foreign language.

On average, citizen wealth is somewhere between Average and Comfortable.


Justicariate's government is a complicated mix of technocracy, cybercracy, meritocracy and socialism. Most shockingly to outsiders, it runs very smoothly.

Military Capability[]

Military budget factor ranges from 2% to 5%, which turns out to be from $1.8B to $9B.

Defense Bonus (as per GURPS Mass Combat): +10 (from permanent TL6 fortifications, totally underground).

The Justicariate military consists of a small pool of assorted Very Fine all-terrain/ground vehicles (the Justicariate isn't big on water, air and space craft), and 240,000 Zemplari Troopers. They have varying specializations and armaments. However, what unifies them is that all Zemplari are Élite troops trained from childhood to be loyal to the point of fanaticism, are equipped with the best weapons and armour available, and have an ultimate set of biomodifications that aid them in their soldierly life. But the most unusual (and even disturbing, to the outsiders) fact about Zemplari is that unlike soldiers in most other states, they are not prohibited from participating in law enforcement. In fact, the line between police and military is very blurry in the Justicariate.