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The Inner Asteroid Belt is the second major celestial object orbiting Lumenoferos. Just how did it manage to form so far from any gas giants is something of puzzle to astronomers.

The Inner Belt consists primarily from an assortment of low-eccentricity asteroids of different types, many of them worth mining, both for cheaper extraction of ubiquitous metals, and for the chance to find more exotic substances (such as raw mnemocrystals, or products of alchemical processes catalysed for aeons by Lumenoferos' hard radiation). As a result, there are many miners operating within the belt, and many long-term stations that provide maintenance, resupply, accommodation, and act as hubs between the miners and the haulers.

The specifier 'Inner' has not always been there; it has been added after the discovery of the Outer Asteroid Belt. Also note that no specific asteroid nor orbit thereof is considered to single-handedly represent the major celestial object; instead, the long list of asteroids surrounding the 0.45 band is considered to collectively comprise the second major celestial object orbiting the central star.

Average orbital parameters[]

mean distance     0.45 au
perihelion        0.43 au
aphelion          0.48 au
axial tilt        varies
annual period     110 Etéran days
local day         varies by asteroid

temperature       102°C (375 K), but varies by asteroid