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Hero Veneration is the closest thing that the Khæn Culture has to religion. Usually, Khæn range from agnostic to the outright disbelieving when it comes to the supernatural and especially the divine. Most notably, the concept of afterlife is usually regarded as wishful thinking. The only things that a Khæn expects to leave upon death are reputation and the more tangible posthumuous influences on the world. It is from this expectation that Hero Veneration has sprung. 

After death, a Khæn's body is usually given to wild animals (vultures and pterodactyls being the more typical choices, if there's an opportunity). If there is a will, and one whose requests aren't an undue burdern, others will do their best to fulfill them; possessions are given to explicitly named beneficiaries, or given to randomly chosen strangers otherwise. 

However, if the deceased was sufficiently famous and liked in life, people may be willing to go an extra mile. Dwellings can be turned into museums, and people venerate the memory of the dead hero by engaging in activities the hero was known to approve. The specific activities may be quite varied - it can range from engaging in specific hobbies to contributing money to charities that fit a given theme.

While respect for the famous dead and interest regarding the stories of their lives isn't restricted to the Khæn, it doesn't hold as much social significance in other cultures, except for perhaps a few small exceptions here and there.