Æthereal Sun Wiki

The following drugs are available in this setting, with some adjustments. Note that TL10 items are generally restricted to the Justicariate and Infopost; most of them also count as Bio-Alchemical drugs at the GM's discretion.


From page 205 onward:

  • Analgine-Beta (TL9). $50/dose.
  • Antirad(TL9). $150/dose. Doses do not stack. Lasts one day. See the Biotech TL10 version too.
  • Hyperstim (TL10, not 9). $100/dose. lasts MoS seconds.
  • Morphazine (TL9). $25/dose. Even on a failed HT roll, a resisting target can fight off the sleep for 1d+(HT/2) minutes; the unnatural drowsiness is obvious.
  • Soothe (TL9). $50/dose. The loss of memory can be resisted with an IQ roll (roll once).
  • Crediline (TL10, not 9). $240/dose.
  • Ascepaline (TL10). $200/dose.
  • Memory-Beta (TL10). $250/dose.


From page 149 onward:

  • Analgine-Gamma (TL9). $50/dose.
  • Painaway (TL9). $10 per 100 tablets. Note that it doesn't affect Shock.
  • Genericilin (TL10). $25/dose. Doses last one day.
  • Hypercoagulin (TL9). $25/dose. Changed Mechanics: Can augment a bandaging action, removing the need to have actual bandages, making it only take 1d+4 seconds, and allowing the medic to replace First Aid with Pharmacy for this action. Administrated locally. Each dose applied reduces the bleeding penalty by 1 (both for the bandaging action and for natural stoppage of bleeding). Make an additional Pharmacy, Physican or Surgery roll, at -1 for each doubling of the dosage past one. On a failure, the patient suffers 1d of Fatigue damage that can only heals like normal HP; critical failure acts as a Heart Attack affliction (roll HT to resist, at the same penalty), within the next 24 hours.
  • Ursaline (TL9). $25/dose. Lasts a week.
  • Antirad (TL10). $50/dose (but sold at a huge markup if found on the black market). Grants PF5 for a day.
  • Superstim (TL9). $100/dose. Failure on rolls after the first within 24 hours no longer have a minimum duration of 1 hour.
  • Adders (TL9). $250/dose.
  • Mnemosin (TL10, not TL9). $200/dose.
  • Basic (TL10). $120/dose.
  • Hypoxyline (TL10). $50/dose; lasts one day. Why?
  • Tempo (TL10). $450/dose.
  • Gravanol (TL10). $70/dose.
  • Aware (TL9). $250/dose. Treat as an Adder in all senses except the bonus provided.
  • Anti-Sed (TL9). $50/dose. Lasts 24 hours.
  • Torpine (TL9). $20/dose. If resisting, onset can be delayed by up to 1d+(HT/2) hours. Multiple doses can be taken, but truly long use (over a month) may or may not result in memory loss.
  • Lethe (TL10). $240/dose.
  • Aphrozine (TL9). $20/dose.
  • Male Contraceptive Pills (TL9). $20/monthly dosage. No effect on Sirkin.
  • Melatan (TL9). $50/dose. Negligible effect on Purebreed Sirkin.
  • Musk (TL9). $10/dose for 'interesting' variants, lasts 12 hours.
  • Sex Pheromones (TL9). $120/dose. LC varies wildly across the globe.
  • Sobriety Pill (TL9). $20/dose. Often LC1 in Nariyása Gésh jurisdictions.
  • Life Extension Drugs (TL9). $30k/year.

Bio-Alchemical drugs[]

While the following drugs have effects similar to those of various nanodrugs, in truth they rely on bioalchemical reactions, and should be treated as TL^ for most purposes (even though the ^ is not necessarily repeated further). Their production relies on having both the Alchemy and the Pharmacy skill. Their effects can be found from page 161 onwards.

  • Antitox (TL10). $400/dose. Lasts 24 hours or until encountering a dose of toxin.
  • Atman (TL10). $500/dose. Doesn't seem to always work against AZ animals.
  • BodyHeat (TL10). $1,100/dose. Lasts one day.
  • Hepaclean (TL10). $30/dose.
  • Verazene (TL10). $240/dose. LC1 or LC2.

Overdose and Mixing Drugs[]

Taking two or more drugs that each has a persistent effect is generally not a smart idea. Make a HT roll, at -1 per drug after the first two. On a failure, some sort of side effect occurs. Typical side effects include loss of 1d FP that only starts recovering once the duration wears off, an Irritating Condition, or a temporary disadvantage worth -5 to -10 points. Critical failure indicates severe side effects, such as 2d Tox damage, an Incapacitating Condition, or a temporary disadvantage worth -20 points or worse.

Drugs which have a fixed effect and don't have a specified ruling on handling multiple doses are assumed to produce similarly unpleasant side effects in case of exceeding the normal dosage.