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With so many states around, there was originally very many currencies. Eventually, some ended up being more important than others; often, subsequent changes to the political landscape resulted in the printing rights to such currencies being shared by large but loose economic associations of different states. Also, in addition to government-issued banknotes, there are currencies coined by large associations of guilds, which are commonly backed by some kind of good, typically a metal or other raw substance. Specie coins also still exist, though they are not as common as they used to be; they're made of high-value alchemical materials, of course.

For ease of comparison, rough values of various currencies in standard GURPS $'s are written next to each currency. These are only playable guidelines, based on rounded values from the moment the campaign starts - exact values fluctuate with time. These values are marked 'G$: x', where x is how many GURP$ the single unit of a given currency is worth.

Currencies by location[]

Northern Wejít[]

  • Rings are a currency common among various states near the south-eastern and eastern coasts of Northern Wejít. The name comes from the original coins having a hole in the centre. G$: 10.

Southern Wejít[]

  • NIQ Tokens. NIQ was an association of guilds that dominated the economics of a dozen city-states in Southern Wejit. During its zenith, its internal currency became influential enough to be used outside the guild. With time, the original association lost its power, and eventually dissolved. However, by then the Tokens became a standard unit of worth in the region, and backing rights have been negotiated by many southern economic powerhouse states, ultimately leading to the rebirth of the token. Right now, this currency is backed by local Mercantile, Syndicate, and even some Democratic states. G$: 3.

Western Nariyása[]

  • Bushes or Bushels are a currency common in Western Nariyása Clans, and gradually expanding to the rest of the Nariyása continents. G$: 0.5.

Eastern Nariyása[]

  • Justicarian Credits are the Justicariate's official currency. Or rather, 'credit' is the popular translation of the Gamma term for the currency. Credits have a regular ('universal') form as well as an 'aspected' one, meaning that they are intended to be spent on a specific category of goods. Use of spected credits is intended to facilitate running the planned economy in certain situations. G$: 1.
  • Bushes (see above) are common in this region too.
  • Shifts are a unit of accounting occasionally encountered in Rifthaven, roughly comparable to the price of 8 hours of work by a junior artisan with leeway for some inefficiencies. It's not an actual currency, has no cash form, cannot be meaningfully exchanged for other currencies etc. Still, some subcultures of the town often use it in speech when describing how much something is worth. G$: 150.

Khæn Islands[]

  • Blades are the only officially recognised currency of the Confederation (literally 'Blade-Coins' in Khænish). The original benchmark price was based on the value of the traditional-design Yliaster blades when large-scale trade with the continents started; it has drifted by now, but not much, as the utility of such objects turned out to be reasonably stable. Blades come in many, many denominations, down to 1/1000th fractions. G$: 500.


  • Kostóushi Drachma - an originally purely collector's coin. Right now, 'regular' versions of said coins exist, and a digital currency is more-or-less active. Used mostly by members of the Kostóushi association. G$: 5.
  • XKORB Credits - an exchange unit employed among XKORB habitats. G$: 100.