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In the Justicariate, people typically wear a braid of synthetic hair, or a dyed braid of their own hair, to signify their romantic and sexual preferences and interests. It is typically worn to the side of the face, in such a manner that it is hard to miss, but doesn't interfere with daily activities. There are more signs than just color, and the whole picture can be deciphered by combining them all. Acting contrary to one's worn braid is considered very rude in the Justicariate Culture .

Main Colours[]

  • White - asexual or otherwise unavailable
  • Red - interested in anatomically male partners
  • Blue - interested in anatomically female partners
  • Violet - interested in hermaphrodite partners
  • intertwined colours (2 or more) - combined preferences.

Stripe or string colours[]

One or more of these can be added to fine-tune the message

  • White - short-term relationships preferred
  • Grey - relationship duration negotiable
  • Brown - preference for long-term relationships
  • Yellow - emotional relationships expected
  • Green - relationship may have a service-and-payment nature
  • Orange - initiator (will approach others, but prefers not being approached)
  • Cyan - non-initiator (will not approach others, so needs to be approached).

Patterns and additions[]

  • Spiky sphere - there are important non-basic interests that should be discussed before any action.
  • Single vertical bar attached - insistence on exclusive relationship (if a part of the braid is white with a single bar, it means 'taken').
  • Two vertical bars (or a double) attached - an open relationship (with affairs on the side) is assumed.
  • Three or more linked circles - a stable/closed relationship with multiple partners is assumed.
  • Two barely-touching arcs - "I am a responsible person - sex will not interfere with friendship, work relationships or the like".