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'Culture' in the current context refers to the mores, traditions, and even legal guidelines characteristic of a certain group of people. They correspond directly to GURPS' Cultural Familiarities.

Note: for an overview of the world civilisation in general, see Technology and Civilisation as we know it.

List of cultures[]

  • Wejít Democratic Culture - the most Earthlike culture. Elected governments, moderate mores, and reasonably upheld human rights.
  • Wejít Mercantile Culture - states where the guilds and independent capitalists took over the government. Guildmasters wield out of proportion more power than the rest of the population, and jobs are regulated heavily by strict licensing policies. Mores are somewhat conservative.
  • Wejít Syndicate Culture - a group of 'softer' guild-based states. Local guilds were organized in such a way that guild members enjoyed more protections than in the Mercantile states. Mores are somewhat overstating the need of PCness, but otherwise are moderate.
  • Wejít Gésh Culture - a mix of Democratic and Enterprise states with a strong influence of the Gésh religion. Even though technically there is no state religion, mores are conservative thanks to its influence.
  • Nariyása Imperial Culture (obsolete)
  • Nariyása Republic Culture - the mostly post-Imperial attempt of the Nariyása to maintain democracy. The government is somewhat corrupt, and human rights are not as good as advertised. Mores are surprisingly liberal compared to both the Clans and the Wejít cultures.
  • Nariyása Clan Culture - a.k.a. Nariyása Tribal Culture - group of less developed Nariyása states. Government is largely in the hands of warlords and clan leaders, life is harsh, and mores are somewhat conservative.
  • Nariyása Mercantile Culture - the post-Imperial understanding of the free market. Like Wejít Mercantile, but even more so: power of the guildmasters is even less limited, getting a job is even more complicated. However, mores are more liberal, and some of the things illegal in the other Mercantiles are up for sale around here.
  • Nariyása Syndicate Culture - the most 'balanced' adaptation of post-Imperial/post-Clans Nariyása to the free market and the movement of human rights. Slightly corrupt government, moderate mores, but life goes on.
  • Nariyása Gésh Culture - a.k.a. the Nariyása Coast Culture, though this primarily refers to the East Coast. On the surface, the government is theocratic but well-intentioned, and the mores strict and enforced by law. Under it, the Mafia (called Humble Providers here) provides many illegal services, and the nightclubs of the Coast less modest than elsewhere.
  • Tebríthan Survivor Culture - not much of a culture by now, as it gets absorbed into the others.
  • Justicariate Culture - a small city-state with a true technocracy. The government is honest, efficient, and about as humane as it can be while maintaining its honesty and efficiency. The mores are extremely liberal and honest, as long as you do not harm another. Nonetheless, this society is regulated more strictly than any other.
  • Khæn Culture - a traditional meritocracy that proves itself time and again to be rather flexible and modern too. Mores are very liberal in some areas, and extremely strict in others. This is perhaps one of the least accepting of strangers, yet also one of the most tolerant of them, cultures.

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