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Mainstream biomodifications almost exclusively take the form of surgery or advanced treatments. The most advanced biomods are only available in the ultra-tech clinics of the Justicariate, Infopost, and rare guilds heavily focused on high medicine - such mods are marked 'J' in the list. Also, some mods are harder to obtain - they are marked rare. Stats (cost, effect) can be found in GURPS Bio-Tech.

List of Standard Biomods[]

  • Disguised Appearance (TL7)
  • Altered Appearance (TL7/8/9)
  • Eyesight Correction (TL7)
  • Hair Transplant (TL7)
  • Altered Bulk (TL7/8)
  • Copied Appearance (TL8)
  • Extreme Sexual Dimorphism (TL7/8)
  • Sex Change (TL7/8)
    • Complete Sex Change (TL9) - J
  • Altered Height (TL8)
  • Fingerprint Removal (TL8) - TL9 version J
  • Archwork (TL9) - J
  • Jointwork (TL9) - J
  • Eros Plus (TL9) - J
  • Hair Graft (TL9)
  • Muscle Graft (TL9) - J
  • Testicle Tuck (TL9) - J
  • Xenosculpting (TL9) - J, rare
  • Xeno-Voice Box (TL9) - J
  • Hermaphromorphic Surgery (TL10) - J, experimental
  • Eye Upgrade (TL8-TL10) - rare outside J
  • Bio-Booster (TL9) - J
  • Boosted Heart (TL9) - J
  • Cold-Adaptive Fur (TL9) - J, rare
  • High-Efficiency Kidney (TL9) - J
  • Hyper-Lungs (TL9) - J
  • Liver Upgrade (TL9) - J
  • Perfume Glands (TL9) - rare outside J
  • Skeleton Tongue (TL9) - J, rare
  • Spleen Augmentation (TL9) - rare even in J
  • Limb Replacement Transplants (TL9) - XKORB only, with RH working on it
  • Auxiliary Heart (TL10) - J, rare
  • Cat’s Eye Transplant (TL9) - J
  • Xenostriker Grafts (TL9) - rare
  • Prefrontal Lobotomy (TL6)
  • Brain Tissue Graft (TL9) - J, very rare
  • Hotshotting (TL9) - J, very rare
  • Myelin Replacement (TL9) - J, and why bother?
  • Emotional Regulator (TL9) - J
  • Bone Marrow Upgrades (TL9) - very rare even in J
  • Metabolic Reset (TL9)
  • Radiation Damage Repair (TL9) - actually slow and complicated, but possible

Rifthaven Biomodifications[]

New types of biomods are becoming available from JR85/GR1545/KR50334 onward. They're considered weird and experimental, and available almost exclusively within the 'medical city' of Rifthaven. Under ideal circumstances, their monetary cost (combining materials and work) is worth about $1,000 per character point, but in practice, the prices are variable and the markups tend to be significant.

Rifthaven biomods are primarily based around cultures of exotic stem-like cells customized for a specific functions and a compatibility with a given patient.

The list of available RHBMs follows.

Vat-grown skin[]

One of the more early and modest breakthroughs - the ability to 'merely' easily replace lost skin. Applications primarily include treatment of burn victims (as TL10), but can also be employed for purely cosmetic purposes. It should be noted that the latest strains of vat skins generally heal faster on their own, and is less prone to forming scar tissue in the long term. This isn't useful enough to qualify for full-fledged Regeneration, but can be bought as a Perk that negates the risks of Appearance loss.

Blood & Bone Marrow Upgrades[]

A transplant of modified bone marrow enables the production of upgraded blood cells of one or more types. This biomod is highly configurable, sought after, but also becoming controversial due to the news of it being 'inheritable' through a transplacental vector. All of these biomods should be considered TL^ under the normal TL nomenclature. Available benefits include:

'Regenerocites'. Slow or Regular Regeneration enabled through production of cells that not only stop bleeding, but also attach themselves to damaged areas and facilitate replacement of lost tissues. All Bone Marrow upgrades that include this biomod are 'inheritable' from the mother to children, and result in the patient showing a false positive on many cancer screenings. Regeneration at the Regular level has a Nuisance effect of Increased Consumption 2, and should be bundled with Xenophages.

Xenophages - the analogue of Bio-Tech Blood Cops, providing Resistant to Metabolic Hazards, and, in most configurations, Longevity. For maximum results, some liver modifications are recommended.

Neural Upgrades[]

Most, but not all, neural upgrades are based on grafts too. But it's not just about the tissue engineering - surgical know-how plays a huge part in the installation of all the custom 'packages'. Modifications include:

Peripheral Neural System Modifications[]

Modifications of the peripheral neural system are generally easier, safer, and more understandable.

Advanced reattachment and remapping. In terms of such 'staple' aspects of neurosurgery, best people of Rifthaven are beginning to rival the Justicariate (borderline TL10, and skills quickly catching up with the best of the best).

Orgone Field Sense. A web of receptor cells (similar to electroreceptors) is implanted throughout the body and connected to the neural system. Said web is sensetive to changes in the orgone fields, and with amplification, signals from it can be discerned by the brain. In time, people can be trained to perceive and understand changes in orgone fields surrounding them. This can be useful to detect people in the dark (but not through walls), the presence and state of their shields, and with some effort even less advanced lifeforms. More precise analysis of such fields is currently just beyond reach of the tech and/or training.

AZ Anomaly Sense. As above, but from a different, and much more unusual cell strain. There's little demand for this one - a few outsider patients installed these near the end of the age of stalkers. Still, reportedly some patrols found it of use.

Speed Boost. A significant part of peripheral neurons are replaced with augmented ones. This is probably as radical as peripheral modifications get. The result is similar to Bio-Tech's Neural Augmentation (BIO176), i.e. up to +3 Basic Speed, but without the klutzy side effects.

Central Neural System Modifications[]

Modifications of the central neural system are probably the most controversial and less well-tested, which is saying something, given the Regenerocite scandal. Most of them involve brain tissue grafts of some sort, and each graft requires way more customization than any of the peripheral grafts. In general, the policy of all insurance guilds is to refuse coverage of any possible negative outcomes of such augmentation. Nonetheless, there is high interest in such biomods in certain circles, such as military pilots.

The usual location for major brain grafts is the back of the head, and requires a healing coma lasting months (reduced with Regeneration). Increased brain volume also requires artificial expansion of the skull, currently using prosthetic bone (but the R&D is working on making artificial 'real' bones eventually). This is a Distinctive Feature [-1], and can make wearing of certain helmet designs problematic.

After the healing ends, the patients needs to learn how to utilize the new cognitive functions. While the process isn't necessarily too long, it can be rather intense and involve 'zen moments' and realizations that can radically change one's worldview, and are hard to explain to others.

Neural Interface Adapter. Ways of optimizing the interface between man and machine have always been a major interest for military guilds. Miniaturization of the connectors and adapters between the organic and the electronic was a major hurdle for outsider neural interface research. Rifthaven's R&D sidestepped the issue by producing a brain graft that performs most of the signal-conversion work on its own, and requires much fewer connectors. The modification counts as Telecommunication (Interface Jack) [5]. The user can then undergo further training to gain some combination of ETS (Only For Interfaced Non-Contemplative Actions -60%), a Talent for vehicle control or similar control-oriented skill group, Compartmentalized Mind (only for interface actions), enhancements for the original Telecommunication and the like.

Sirkin-style Cognitive Enhancement. This is a 'coprocessor' that allows anyone to buy up Intuitive Mathematician, Photographic Memory, and Absolute Timing. Developing mathematically oriented talents also becomes an option. In rare cases, people seem to be able to gain the Visualization advantage.

Complex Reaction Enhancement. This 'coprocessor' variant focuses on achieving quicker reactions in complicated situations. It allows one to drastically reduce the decision-making lag and perform a physical reaction immediately, without being hindered by the lack of time. However, it does not allow actually contemplating such a situation faster: the question what to do has to already be very clear and/or simple. Two variants of the modification exist - one with only a corpus callosum connection, another with a parallel remap of motor neurons to the rest of the body. The two involve slightly different training techniques after the modifications. Both allow the user to suppress the subconscious reaction. Enhanced Time Sense (Aspected: Non-Contemplative Reactions Only, -20%).

Distributed Central Neural System. Something not done yet. Nonetheless, there are rumours that it's possible to create an auxiliary neural system that would duplicate all of the main one's functions, including memory and personality, even after the main one's destruction, but this would require installing such a modification in early childhood.