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Azúria is a small city-state located on the northernwesten coast of Southern Wejít. The climate is warm and mild, being just a bit south of the subtropical line. Its area constitutes roughly 5 km².


Its residents number a mere 40,000 people, out of which about half are citizens. Wejít form a supermajority of citizens, but the temporary residents come from all sorts of places, and run the full gamut from Tebríthan to Nariyása. Azúria is extremely strict about citizenship - only the biological child of two Azúrians can gain citizenship.

While all residents speak Maktó, Azúria actually managed to maintain its own language - Zurán - throughout the ages.


The city is a typical minor Wejít Democracy, but see below.


Despite being a small city, Azúria is an economical powerhouse. Okay, so it can't compete with even something as small as Néyri, but its tax income is absolutely ridiculous compared to other democratic states, and some others. Ironically, this is due to the tax ratio being lower than in neighbouring states. This creates incentive for international guilds to have their headquarters in Azúria.

Much of the money is spent on increasing quality of life of actual citizens.

Military Strength[]

Azúria does not have an army of their own, and is of little interest for purposes of conquest, as the unique economical situation is its only asset. However, they maintain a contract with several mercenary groups for rapid deployment and defence in case of an invasion (most of these groups are Khæn mercenary clubs, consisting the usual ornithopters and airborne infantry).