The Skyless have the know-how to produce devices that can detect and to some extent analyse the anomalies of the Alienation Zone. This gives them the chance to know what places to avoid and when.

Simple/Compact Anomaly Detector. A handheld device that can only give general impressions of various anomalies. Allows detection of anomalies that can't be detected with the naked eye/ears/etc., and gives a +2 to detect those that can. 2 lbs, $600.

Briefcase Anomaly Detector. A more advanced, bigger sensor suit, that allows very basic analysis (that still needs to be sent to base, compared to readings from other locations and collated by an analyst to get the big picture). Gives a +TL/2 bonus to detection of anomalies that already can be detected without technological aid, and +2 to detect those that normally cannot, counting as Fine-quality gear. 20 lbs, $20,000.

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