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Abyss is the thirteenth major celestial object around Lumenoferos, and also the third gas giant, largest and coldest. Unlike the other two gas giants in the system, it has neither rings nor moons. Its weather patterns are relatively calm (for a gas giant), and it seems to have shed what extra heat it retained from the time of formation and from subsequent internal processes; this raises some question about the age of this planet.

The current international name originates from a description, arrived at independently in several regions, of the planet as a bottomless abyss on the edge of the solar system, one from which nobody returned. Of course, probes have been sent in and data sent back up, but so far there just doesn't seem to be any meaningful interaction possible with the planet.

mean distance     39 au
axial tilt        
annual period     92,406 Etéran days (345 Etéran years)
local day

temperature       -228°C (45 K) at cloudtops
illumination      0.0005

mass:             4,000 (2.38e28 kg)
diameter          13.57 (173,000 km)
density           1.6 (8.82 g/cm³)
surface gravity   21.7 (212 m/s²)
escape velocity   192 km/s

Lagrange point information

L-point    Distance from Abyss    Distance from Lumenoferos    Velocity relative to Lum.
L1         5.84au                 33.15au                      4079m/s
L2         6.49au                 45.49au                      5596m/s
L3         77.73au                38.73au                      4764m/s
L4/L5      39au                   39au                         4797m/s