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ígnus is the closest planet to Lumenoferos. The extreme heat makes it uninhabitable outside a few canyons closer to the poles (where several research stations are stationed). In orbit, there are many artisan space stations around it, as the extreme solar radiation can be used to speed up several alchemical processes that yield lucrative materials; repositioning these stations into the planet's shadow when necessary makes long stays safer.

Planetary parameters[]

mean distance     0.25 au
perihelion        0.23 au
aphelion          0.28 au
axial tilt        20°
annual period     0.5 local days (46 Etéran days)
local day         2199.1 hours
mass:             0.17 (1.02e24 kg)
diameter          0.53 (6697 km)
density		  1.2 (6.6 g/cm³)
surface gravity   0.63 (6.2 m/s²)
escape velocity   6.4 km/s
vulcanism         extreme
tectonics         extreme
climate           infernal
average           232°C (505 K)
periphelion       360°C (633 K)
aphelion          208°C (483 K)
illumination      12.29
hydrographics     0%
tidal range       13m
composition       none
pressure          0