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Æthereal Sun is a tabletop roleplaying game setting, intended to be used with GURPS©, but theoretically compatible with other systems after some conversion. It is a world where different laws of physics made civilization pick a different path, despite some similarities to humanity. While the setting has some trappings of Science Fiction, it is perhaps more accurately categorized as a Science-Fantasy of sorts, due to some highly arbitrary pieces of superscience.

Note: the 'unorthodox' spelling is deliberate, and has to do with the original concept.

GURPS belongs to Steve Jackson Games.

The Basic Concept[]

The setting encompasses a single solar system. Out of the whole system, one planet is fully habitable, and another is marginal. There is a total of 5 races, and about a dozen major cultures and languages. The technological development went along somewhat different lines than on Earth, but can be considered somewhat more advanced (especially in aerospace engineering and power generation, as well as a selection of exotic superscience gadgets), but with peculiar gaps (no nuclear technologies, bulky computers, somewhat underdeveloped genetics).

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